Even if you run out of points or you do not have toys to give away you can still get them. Buy Appytoy points for as little as 1,99 Euro/point.


Appytoy is a location based service that makes the exchange process quick and easy. No more long commutes or postage to   exchange toys!


The more toys you give away, the more you can get in return. We reward our loyal users with special discounts and promotions from our partners.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Most toys are not recyclable, when you throw them away they go to landfill sites.

Appytoy is a fun way to teach children how to reduce waste and reuse things.
They will learn the benefits of sharing and the importance of treating toys well.


It’s not only about toys! With Appytoy you get a chance to meet new people in your area, while your children can make new friends.


Appytoy saves SNAs and teachers hours of searching for toys online, schools get access to unlimited toys for a fraction of the price they normally pay.


We are willing to collaborate with charities by providing them with our network of toys to make sure they go to where they are needed the most!