We are Appytoy the free App that connects parents to give or exchange preloved children’s toys. We are launching a Toyfunding campaign to celebrate our September launch!

Why donate your toys to Appytoy?

You care about the environment – We prevent toys going to landfill

You want to support giving to other children & teach yours the value of sharing – We get the toys to children who need them in a way that strengthens local communities

You need to free up clutter and don’t have the time for the charity shop drop – We COLLECT at no charge

Did we mention the app is FREE and FUN to use and our website & FB page help support our community with social connections, valuable information, and educational content.

Let’s kickstart the Dublin Toysharing Economy together!

Appytoy, Adopted by Google, Awarded from Accenture and Supported by New Frontiers & DIT Hothouse.

🐕🏑🎮🎲🎨 We can’t wait to hear from you 🎨🎡🏌️‍♀️🏎️

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