Do you remember the good old swapsy? This is where the inspiration came from but instead of swapping a toy with 1 person, Appytoy allows you to swap with the whole community which means much better choice!

“Why would I give away toys for free if I can sell my child’s pre-loved toys and make some money?” – you ask. Well, yes you can sell but then you’ll have to buy new toys. On Appytoy you are turning your old toys into currency. GIve away a toy to be able to get another one for free from someone else.

Why everything is valued at 1 point? Because small children do not have concept of value, they love small and big, old and new, cheap and expensive toys the same. We adopted this mindset in Appytoy. Let’s all get back to that beautiful time when we cared less about money and more about sharing.

Prefer to donate your toys to help disadvantaged families? There’s no better place than Appytoy to do it. On Appytoy low income families can collect your toys for free instead of buying them.

Here are a few of our great features that make Appytoy different.

  • It’s frustration free. Everything you see on the platform is available, when you request a toy it goes offline, so no one else can request it.
  • Once you pick up the toy, the listing is automatically transferred to your profile. So when your kids are done playing with it you can put it back online with 1 click.
  • Kids friendly interface, you can browse toys with your children just like Smyths catalogue.

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