Welcome to Appytoy!

So, you signed up. What’s next? Read our quick guide for beginners to learn the basics of Appytoy.

When you sign up you’re invited to complete your profile. Take a few seconds to add a short description about yourself. Profiles with description get their requests approved much quicker. Don’t forget to add your address. It won’t be visible to other members, but we need to know where the toys are located to be able to show them to other Appytoy members in your local area.

You get your first Point simply by signing up. Then you just browse toys and request something you like. You could also list your first toy and get another Point. If you want more Points you’ll have to start giving away your toys. The more toys you list, the more chance you have that someone will request your toy, which means more Points for you!

There’s no need to give your toy to someone you’re collecting a toy from. Apyytoy is not about swapping between 2 members, it’s about sharing with the community. You collect a toy from another member, and they get their Point to be able to request a toy from anybody else in the community.

What toys can be listed?

You can list anything from books to bikes, bear in mind that everything is valued at 1 Point.

Only list items that you would like to get yourself. There must be value in it. Like new or in good condition. If your Jigsaw is missing pieces, there’s no value in it.  If the box of your board game is damaged but the game is in good condition, simply highlight it in the description.

Take up to 3 pictures that sell the item well. If you want to give away as many toys as possible as quickly as possible, the pictures should be attractive.

Why invite friends?

Appytoy aims to place all the toys that are not being played with on the map and make them visible to children and parents in the local area. The more members we get, the more toys there will be to choose from and the closer the distance to the nearest toy will be. You are the first to benefit from inviting your friends to the platform, so share away!

Happy sharing!

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