Why should I use Appytoy?

With Appytoy your kids can get as many new toys as they want and it will cost you nothing. How? Just give away the toys they don’t play with anymore. Instead of secretly trading or throwing away your child’s pre-loved toys we invite you to get your children engaged in the toy sharing economy with you. Let them know that now if they want a “new” toy, they have to give away a toy they don’t play with anymore. This will educated them about the environment, teach them to share and save you space in the attic!

Is it safe?

We’re doing our best to make sure the platform is safe and secure. How?

  • Signing up with your Facebook or Google + account is the safest way to sign up. These large companies have spent years and lots of money making sure their systems keep our data safe.
  • We check every submitted toy before it goes live to make sure the content is appropriate, the image is correct and the description is accurate.
  • We protect our members by preventing strangers from messaging them. Members can only message each other once their toy request has been approved or if they have already interacted with each other.
  • Additionally, any member can be banned if you don’t feel comfortable to interact with them for some reason. We’ll investigate every case and take further actions if needed.

What toys can I exchange?

You can exchange any toy, baby item, book, fantasy costume, bike etc. There are no limits. Rule of thumb is don’t list toys you would not want to take yourself (broken, too worn out, too tiny). There must be some value that you’re giving to another person. The purpose of listing a toy is to give it away. The higher the quality of your listing, the quicker it will be requested.

How do I exchange toys?

If you want to give away your toy you have to list it on the platform. Click on the “Add toy” button in your profile, take up to 3 pictures of your toy, add a description and choose an appropriate category. Once we approve your listing, it will go live. Then wait for somebody to request your toy. You can always see the profile of the requester from the “My requests” screen. If you’re happy to proceed, accept the request and text the requester when and where you’d like to meet to give them your toy. Once the toy was collected you can change the status of the request to “Exchanged” and rate your experience. Note, that only when both of you changed the status of the request to “Exchanged” will you get your point. If you want to request a toy you like on the platform, just tap on the “Get it” button and wait for the owner of the toy to approve your request. You can always check the profile of the owner of the toy from the Toy screen. If your request is approved you can message the owner of the toy to arrange the collection. Once the toy is collected you can change the status of the request to “Exchanged” and rate your experience. Note, that only when both of you have changed the status of the request to “Exchanged” will the listing be transferred to your account. When your children have had enough fun playing with it you can put it back online.

How do I clean the toys?
There are hundreds of bacteria on everything our children touch including toys. Most of them are totally harmless. However, we recommend to our members to clean the toys with antibacterial spray, vinegar or just water and soap before giving them to children. This should be done on a regular basis and not only with toys you get from other members, but also with your own toys.
How do I know I am getting a toy in good condition?

We encourage our members to give away toys in good condition and the majority of our members embrace the culture and exchange quality toys. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a toy in good condition. Our community is based on trust and auto regulates itself. If you get a toy that is not in the condition it was advertised you can rate the member with 1 star to give other members a heads up not to request toys from that member. You can also ban this member to avoid seeing their listings in the future. Banned users can not see your listings either.

Where do I meet other members? Do I have to give them my address and/or my number?

As a general rule we recommend users who are getting toys to make an effort and meet the owner of the toys where and when suits them. There’s no need to exchange your addresses or phone numbers. You can meet at the playground or parking place, in your local coffee shop or in the lobby of an office building. Since our app is location based, you can only see toys in your locality, so it’s easy to meet in the places well known to both members.

Why is it important to rate other users?

Rating is important to install trust among users. If a member has 5* after having exchanged over 50 toys, it is clear that this person is trustworthy. A good quality of listing, excellent communication and quick exchanges is all you need to get a good rating in Appytoy.

Does anybody see where I live?

No, other members only see your approximate location.

Is it really Free?

Yes, it is really free and it always will be free. We’ll introduce premium features later on, but we will never charge you for what you already have. Bare in mind, to get as many free toys as you want from other users you have to give away yours. The quicker you reply to the requests, the quicker you arrange to meet, the faster you will earn your points which you’ll be able to exchange for toys.

How can I get additional points?

The best way to get points is to give away toys. If you’ve given away all your toys, nobody has requested them, or you don’t have toys to give away you can buy points from Appytoy.

Do I have to buy points?

No, you don’t. The best way to get points is to give away toys. If you’ve given away all your toys, nobody has requested them, or you don’t have toys to give away you can buy points from Appytoy.

Are my credit card details safe with you?

Payments are processed by Stripe, a leading digital payment platform, therefore, Appytoy does not collect nor store your credit card details, your billing address or any other personal data related to your purchases. Stripe is the global online and mobile payment service currently operating in 25 countries including the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, etc. You can consult the privacy policy of Stripe here https://stripe.com/ie/privacy