Appytoy Toyfunding Campaign

By on 29th August 2017 in News

We are Appytoy the free App that connects parents to give or exchange preloved children’s toys. We are launching a Toyfunding campaign to celebrate our September launch!

Why donate your toys to Appytoy?

You care about the environment – We prevent toys going to landfill

You want to support giving to other children & teach yours the value of sharing – We get the toys to children who need them in a way that strengthens local communities

You need to free up clutter and don’t have the time for the charity shop drop – We COLLECT at no charge

Did we mention the app is FREE and FUN to use and our website & FB page help support our community with social connections, valuable information, and educational content.

Let’s kickstart the Dublin Toysharing Economy together!

Appytoy, Adopted by Google, Awarded from Accenture and Supported by New Frontiers & DIT Hothouse.

🐕🏑🎮🎲🎨 We can’t wait to hear from you 🎨🎡🏌️‍♀️🏎️

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We’ve Launched Our Homepage!

By on 8th November 2016 in News

After a bit of tweaking we have finally launched our homepage! Come one, come all to find out about our new platform, Appytoy.

Appytoy is a marketplace where you can give away your child’s unwanted toys and get the ones they really like in return. Our service helps you to clear space in your attic and pass on toys to other children and institutions that are in great need of toys.

In the past few weeks we have been working on our responsive homepage to promote our new service and to give potential customers the chance to sign up for an early trial of our App once the finishing touches have been adorned.

A Bit About Us

Appytoy came to being when our founder and CEO, Ekaterina, had enough of managing toys for her child. She realised that there was an opportunity to open up this problem to the community. In doing so Appytoy can provide a solution to any parent looking for new toys or want to get rid of unused ones. The idea is a simple one!

Appytoy screen with Google's Adopt A Startup's website.

Appytoy will be participating in Google’s Adopt A Startup.

As Appytoy developed and research was done we realised that there is a greater need than we thought for a platform like this. We discovered that the problem of unused toys is not only a domestic one but a business one as well. Many institutions, such as special needs schools and creches,  have a high turn-over of toys. Many of these toys end up in land-fill sites, polluting our environment. Appytoy will not only give children a chance to get new toys but keep them from going to waste.

In the future Appytoy aims to become a tool for introducing children to social networking as well, by giving them a greater understanding of the community. Children are exposed to technology from and earlier age than ever before and it is important to give them the necessary skills to use these technologies properly and safely.


Google’s Adopt A Startup

This program was set up a program to accelerate the growth of Irish startups with a high potential for success. Appytoy was accepted into the 2017 program!

“Leveraging the skills and expertise of Google Ireland’s Digital Consultants, we will provide skill based mentoring to high-potential Startups, helping them to structure for scale and get the most out of the web.”    Adopt A Startup Homepage

We are very flattered to be given this opportunity. We will gain crucial insights into the world of digital marketing and also raise brand awareness. Stay tuned for more updates!